Midleton Main Street where €2million has been set aside for enhancement

East Cork Cllr Daniele Twomey is calling for safety measures on a busy “rat run” after residents have raised serious concerns over speeding cars.
The Sinn Fein Cllr said she wanted Midleton motorists brought under control following numerous complaints from residents in the area.
“The speed of traffic is a huge problem “on Bailick road Cllr Twomey told the July sitting of the East Cork Municipality.
Cllr Susan McCarthy who backed Cllr Toomey’s motion agreed a clamp down on speeding cars was needed.
The Fine Gael Cllr who brought a similar motion to council last year said she too had a number of deputations regarding high speeds along the stretch of road.
“Speeding is definitely an issue because you have people using the road as a rat run, because it’s so hard to get onto the N25 in the morning.”
She said the road just doesn’t have the width to cope with the volume of traffic.
“Something needs to be done, maybe road markings or signage if something more extensive can’t be done.”
Independent Cllr Noel Collins suggested ramps could be installed to slow traffic.
Senior Engineer Cork Roads David Clarke said while he empathised with the residents and Cllrs he said the Bailick Road was a challenging road to deal with.
He said “the section from Coolbawn as far as the dark road is relatively wide. Below that the road narrows dramatically.”
The Senior Engineer said while budgets are limited significant works are to be carried out in the area as part of the Midleton Flood Relief Scheme.
He said further works are planned as part of Cork County Councils have selected Bailick road as a primary cycle route as part of the authority’s countywide cycle strategy expected to be rolled out over the next few years.
In the meantime Mr Clarke said he would conduct a speed review and if motorists were seen to be in excess of the 50km speed limit he would pass this information onto the Gardaí.



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