Castlemartyr Introduces Measures to Tackle Dog-Fouling Problem

By Jordan McCarthy


Castlemartyr Community Council has been tackling the ongoing issue of dog fouling in the village, and this week several dispensers have been installed in the area.
Dog-fouling has become a major problem in East Cork and further afield, and the people of Castlemartyr have decided to take action. The local community group has undertaken several initiatives, in a bid to make the village cleaner and more environmentally-friendly. The steps towards the latest developments – the installation of seven dispensers - began almost two years ago.
Collette L’hostis, from the Castlemartyr Community Council, told the East Cork Journal. ‘‘We got the schoolchildren involved in a poster competition - those posters are up around the village with over a year. It did help. We also had an initiative where we got chalk and chalked around the dog litter, to help adults and children to stop walking into it. That certainly did help and it highlighted the problem to a lot of people. Unfortunately, this time of the year, you can’t do it, because the ground is too wet.
‘‘(The issue of dog-fouling here) is exceptionally bad. I would walk my children to school for about 100 yards, and out of the five mornings per week, three mornings we would definitely meet it (evidence of dog litter). It’s shocking really. There are children walking into it, there are buggies rolling into it. We have visually-impaired people living in the village and also we have people in wheelchairs and they are trying to avoid this as well.’’
In recent days, the village has had dispensers installed by Muttmitts. These will, it is hoped, help to combat the problem, and eliminate dog litter from the streets of Castlemartyr. The Muttmitts Ireland anti-dog fouling dispensers & bags are the first to be introduced in East Cork.
Collette is calling on dog owners to make use of the new facilities and continued by saying; ‘‘we are taking the excuse away. We are hopeful that the village will become more environmentally-friendly. It’s health and safety. The dispensers have bags inside in them. If people have forgotten their own bags, there’s a bag there for them to take. People can dispose of the dog foul responsibly. Eileen Burns actually pushed forward on the Muttmitts. The purchase of Muttmitts was then approved at a council meeting. We are going to have seven dispensers – there are five already up and the other two are pending.’’

Councillor Mary Linehan Foley has been lobbying on the matter for some time now. On the latest developments in Castlemartyr, the County Councillor says that full-credit goes to the local community council there, for putting the dispensers in place. She also acknowledges that more needs to be done in the greater East Cork area.
‘‘It’s a great initiative and well done to the Community Council in Castlemartyr for coming up with this. This should alleviate some of the problem. But, as a councillor, I still feel that we do still need a litter warden in situ. I would also hope for more signage, particularly in the Youghal area,’’ Cllr Linehan-Foley said.



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