Help Sought to Learn More about Mogeely Roots


Tracing one’s ancestry can be interesting – if arduous at times – and, judging by social media this week, one person in particular is trying to learn more about his / her family links to Mogeely.
The post on the Mogeely Matters, Past and Present Facebook page read; ‘‘I’m trying to learn more about the birthplace of my great-grandfather, who was from Mogeely. His name was Michael Kenneally b. 1879 (Mogeely) d.1936 (Wolverhampton, England). He also had a brother, Patrick, who owned a shop (likely in Cork City). His parents were Michael Kenneally and Eliza Cronin (also married in Mogeely). He served in World War One as a veterinarian/groom (RAVC), and worked as a groom after military service. I matched DNA for a Briget "Biddy" Kenneally - she was likely a cousin or aunt. My great-grandfather died when my grandmother was only 16, so we don't know much more about him (other) than this. Thanks for any help you can offer.’’
If you can help, get in contact with the Mogeely Matters, Past and Present Facebook page or contact the East Cork Journal on 021 463 8000 or



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