Lisgoold/Leamlara Annual Toy Mass set for this Month

By Alan Sheehan


Lisgoold and Leamlara will once again hold its annual Toy Mass this month, on Sunday, 26 November.
The Toy Mass involves donations of new toys made by the children and parents of the Lisgoold/Leamlara community which will find their way into the hands of less fortunate children in Cork – specifically children who have suffered domestic violence and/or have become homeless.
“This has been running for about 20 years approximately,” said Deirdre McCarthy. “Kids from the area bring toys to mass, which are then donated to less fortunate kids. There is a social worker who lives in the parish and she will collect the toys and bring them to her office. She said the joy of the people who come into the office is amazing. Given to kids who are victims of domestic violence and a lot of whom have become homeless. [The social work] said the joy on the faces of parents who come in knowing they have something to give to their kids at Christmas is just amazing.”
Those who cannot make either of the masses can still contribute to improving the Christmases of some of Cork’s least fortunate children by donating new toys to a number of venues in the local community. Leamlara School and Ballincurrig School are two locations which will accept toy donations.
“The mass times are 9.30am in Leamlara and 11.30am in Lisgoold,” said Ms McCarthy. “It is a lovely event every year and it is always getting bigger. It also helps the kids in the parish realise that Christmas is not just about receiving but giving. They will be told that at mass too. If people can’t make the mass, we would be delighted if they were still able to drop in toys. There is a lot of places in the parish that will accept toys.”



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