Midleton Superloo’s Cost the Tax Payer €32.20 Per Flush In 2017

By Seamus Whelehan


It cost the tax payer €32.20 every time a person spent a penny in Midleton’s two super loo’s last year.
The revelation came following a question posed by Independent Councillor Noel Collins, who asked if such facilities were “an economic proposition.”
Commenting on the cost of the unit’s the Council said it represented value for money as it includes; maintenance and repairs that would arise and the supply of the necessary materials for their operation.
East Cork Municipality Executive Officer, Joe McCarthy said “it sounds expensive but when you make a comparison between what a conventional public convenience would cost, there wouldn’t be much of a difference.”
Currently there are a total of 6 superloo’s in East Cork with 4 located in Youghal.
The local authority had opted for the automatic facility, in an effort to combat antisocial behaviour, which was costing them thousands annually.
The super loos in question are located at the Fair Green and the Distillery Car Park.
Both facilities which are rented to the council and supervised by a private company and are costing the authority €1,423 a week in rent.
However, the conveniences generate an annual income of just €2,300 for all 2.
Fine Gael Cllr Michal Hegarty told the February sitting of the East Cork Municipality that running the public toilets, was just like flushing money down the drain.
He said “It’s absolutely scandalous” and “crazy” to think such money was being wasted and questioned if a cheaper alternative could be sourced.
Municipality chairwoman Fine Gael Cllr Susan McCarthy said the facilities represented security for the individual user.
“You can go in and pay your money. You are locked until you decide to unlock.”
However that didn’t flush with Cllr Collins who said “if you press the wrong button, when inside you could be left in a very awkward position.”
While Independent Cllr Mary Linehan Foley said of the four units located in Youghal were operating well and represented great value.
“When you have public toilets you all know the condition they are left in at times. These are fully contained and there are no antisocial orders or anything like that on them. “



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