The Annual Duck Race Fundraiser in aid of St John The Baptist Church, Midleton is set to take place on Saturday, 9 September.
The fourth annual Duck Race Fundraiser will take place at 3.30pm on the Owenacurra River in Midleton, specifically beginning at the bridge between the Church Lane and Riverside Way intersection, and Glebe, where Lidl, McDonald’s and Aldi are located.
“It is an annual duck race we have held for the last number of years during the same week as the food festival,” said Noel McDonagh, one of the organisers of the event. “It will begin at the Owenacurra River at Lidl bridge. We will use plastic ducks and, after selling tickets with numbers on them, run the ducks down the river and the first three home win prizes.”
A ticket to sponsor a duck for the race is priced at €3, with the option to purchase two tickets for €5. The prize for first place is €120, with €60 up for grabs for second place and €40 for third place.
The Duck Race was first held in 2014 and will once again take place during the Midleton Food and Drink Festival, which was officially re-launched as FEAST Cork Food Festival this past Tuesday, 22 August. The proceeds of the day will go towards St John The Baptist Church, Midleton.
Those willing to volunteer to sell tickets before the event should contact Mr Noel McDonagh at 087 683 3725 or fill in the sheet at the back of St John The Baptist Church.



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