New Traffic Calming Measure Go On Display for Cow Cross

By Seamus Whelehan


Cobh Municipality have launched a public consultation process in a bid to tackle traffic problems at Cow Cross.
The borough is seeking views from the public in relation to potential traffic calming measures at the busy junction.
The programme of work is to compliment the recent speed reduction along the Tay Road.
Last September Labour Cllr Cathal Rasmussen made an impassionate plea for safety measures to be installed, to protect residents and pedestrians from speeding traffic, along the Tay road.
After an indebt traffic survey, the speed limit on the 4km stretch of road was reduced to 50kmph.
The popular walking and biking route extends from Cuskinny wildlife reserve to Ballynoe hill.
Residents living on both sides of the Cow Cross had been calling for urgent action, to help prevent loss of life or serious injury due to speeding vehicles.
The Cow Cross plan involves the narrowing of the carriageway to two, three metre lanes, provide additional public lighting to increase a sense of an urban area.
The installation of footpaths on the southeast corner of the junction.
A Refresh of existing lining where necessary to increase visibility, and the Provision of road studs to aid with junction definition.
Driver feedback signs at both the Cobh and Ballard side of the crossing will also be installed in addition to speed limit repeater signs on the northern approach to the junction.
Junction warning signs will also appear on the northern approach to the junction.
Plans will be on display at the Municipal building and Cobh Library shortly.



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