12 Year Old Cobh Schoolboy Gets Highest Possible IQ Score In MENSA Test – Beating Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking

By Seamus Whelehan


Most parents believe their child is bright but how many can say their intelligence is a kin to Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking?

The parents of Anthony Arundel Frtus can!

At just 12 years of age the youngster was tested on his vocabulary and numeracy skills and was found to have an IQ of 162, the highest you can get under the age of 18.

The child genius from Cobh has been invited to join the high IQ Society, MENSA, after beating the scores of both Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Einstein is believed to have had an IQ of 160, the same as the late Hawking.

Most adult IQ scores are between 40 and 140, with the average IQ from 80 to 120.

MENSA accept only the top 2% of IQ’s. Anthony’s mother, Diana, says “the letter was both a shock and a moment of huge pride.”

“We knew from an early age when he started going to pre-school that he was different, academically, to the other kids. He was well aware of his words and numbers more than other children of his age”

A student at Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh Anthony, who is on the autism spectrum, attends a programme for gifted children at UCC each Saturday.

The day long course includes subjects such as juvenile justice, strategy, brain games, medical mysteries and code breaking.

He has also completed a series of online UCC courses in creative writing and magic maths.

Anthony’s hobbies are also impressive.   He has gold and silver medals for Judo and also enjoys piano.

He possesses the ability to play a tune by ear, for which he has received distinctions from the Royal Irish Music Academy.

The pre-teen also enjoys Nintendo and watching horrible histories.

And his ambition for when he grows up?   At present he wants to work as an accountant.

Diana says “maths is his passion and he wants to work with numbers because, with his autism, everything is either black or white and accountancy fits perfectly with that.”