A ‘Cross Word’ At Midleton Library

By Seamus Whelehan


Midleton Library will play host to a unique play at 11am on Tuesday, 28 May.   As part of the Bealtaine Festival which celebrates the arts and creativity as we age, the Library will facilitate ‘Cross Word’ , a production by Charleville based playwright Katie Holly.

A graduate of music and drama at UCC, Katie also holds a Masters in Irish literature.  Her first play ‘Marian’ premiered in 2016 at the Cork Mid-Summer Festival which was followed last year by the play ‘Sharon’ about a young woman who, after a decade working in Dublin, returns home following her mother’s request.  A proponent of comedic writing, Holly was once a regular on the open mic circuit in Cork City where she performed songs such as ‘You’re 3 vodkas short of being Handsome’. Her latest production ‘Cross Word’ centres on Brian and Harry, who come from two very different generations. Brian comes to the Library to search the job section of the newspapers, while Harry attends the Library to do the crossword.

Both men have two very different reasons for being there, and also have very different things to be angry about - everything from having problems coming to terms with retirement, to the reduction of the pink snack from three pieces of chocolate to two!  ‘Cross Word’ is about finding the language to say what you are thinking and how you are feeling, and then relating it.