Organisers and supporters at Tyntes Castle in Youghal.

Spooky images, witches, cobwebs, floating images and much more spent the entire weekend in Tyntes Castle on Youghal's Main Street, bringing much attention and curiosity from all who passed by.
The cadaverous interior of the 'Haunted' Castle was taken over by spookily dressed members of Youghaloween Committee who were hoping to raise funds for their upcoming Festival in October which promises, once more, to fill the town with zombies, ghosts, mock graveyards, spiders webs and, of course, the Coven of Witches who will meet in a circle on the Mall Beach.
Speaking with The East Cork Journal the organisers said what better way to emphasise the theme of the Halloween Festival than to open the doors of the late 15th century Tyntes Castle which has a great history and, it is thought, might well have accommodated Cromwell's Officers during that period!
Well done to the Committee for their imagination and work involved, for their wonderful costumes, and for giving a light-hearted slant to the October weekend Festival.
Put the date in your diary and don't dare miss it because, if you do, you might just end up spell-bound!!!