Adam King and his Throne Ready for School

by Claire O'Donoghue

Adam in his new chair.
Adam in his new chair.

Adam King, who is almost 4, is set for preschool in Gortroe and is more than ready to take his seat amongst his first classmates on Thursday (30 August). He has had his specialised wheelchair now since 1 June and, in the intervening time, he’s become a whizz kid in it.


The chair, hard fought for by his parents Fiona and David King, has opened up a whole new world of independence and dignity for Adam. Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Mum Fiona said, “When we first got the chair, Adam had broken his right leg a few weeks beforehand so he was in a cast from both ankles to his rib cage.”(When he does break a bone in his leg, Adam’s condition necessitates the extra precaution of a double cast to support the other leg.)“During this time in the hot weather, when all the kids wanted to be out the beach, we had to camp out on the grass at Redbarn where I could watch the kids on the beach and keep Adam off the sand. He never complained. He made his own fun and just got on with it.” The cast kept his legs far apart and the great thing about the chair was that it could be widened during this time and narrowed once the cast came off. “It’s been a God send”, said Fiona,“for doing everyday things like walking the boardwalk, going around town, here at the house and it really allows Adam to join in the fun when his brothers and sister are out in the back garden on their bikes.”


In the meantime Adam is loving his new chair and can’t wait to start preschool. He has his school and lunch box and Fiona says, “He’ll be going 5 days a week from 9-12pm. He’s so excited to go and we’re delighted he has mastered his wheelchair and is ready for road. He’s such a determined little boy and we’re so very proud of him.