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We at the East Cork Journal want to help you promote your business, not only to those in Midleton but also to the wider area of East Cork. As you will see from the map we sell the newspapers in the north, south, east and west of East Cork.

The East Cork Journal is a household name, and has been in circulation with close to 30 years. It is a brand that has gone from strength to strength and continues to change in order to meet our readers and customer’s needs. We the staff of the East Cork Journal take great pride in the fact that the newspaper caters for children and right up. The local newspaper in East Cork is a household product that everyone in the house can pick up and there is something for each reader.

Each Thursday we have an 80 page newspaper which is available in East Cork and West Waterford. The newspaper which breaks down into:

Current and local news
Photo coverage
Kid’s pages
Business Post
Mind, Body and Soul
Health Corner
Health and Beauty
SECAD Noticeboard
Planning notices


We the staff of the East Cork Journal see each of our clients as part of our team.  We want your business to grow and when we see repeat business then we are happy.

The East Cork Journal is a member of Youghal, Midleton, Cobh and Cork Chamber of Commerce.

Below we have a few testimonials so that you can have a feel of the feedback we receive.

“I have used the East Cork Journal for several years now and I am delighted with both the service and coverage that has been provided to us. The staff will target specific adverts for me and I just have to mention the concept and the template will surface. I have always noticed a marked correlation between the placement of an advert and a definite uptake in loan applications.   The staff members and management have always been, efficient diligent and helpful and the advertising rates are very competitive. I would therefore readily recommend the East Cork Journal to anybody wishing to advertise or promote their product or service…..”
- John Fenton (Manager/ CEO Midleton Credit Union)

I used the East Cork Journal for my advertising needs during the Local Election 2014 campaign. I needed to extend my reach to the greater general population and hit certain demographics that cannot be reached through social media. Local newspapers were instrumental in achieving this. In dealing with East Cork Journal, I found them to be professional and most obliging when it came to getting the maximum value for my budget. They were giving of their time and expertise in order to ensure that I was satisfied with the advertising both in terms of quality and frequency. I would strongly recommend them on this basis.
- Councillor Susan McCarthy

"I am personally an avid reader of the East Cork Journal, The papers coverage right across the board perfectly hits all of the right notes. The online addition was a personal favourite while I lived overseas, it was a fantastic way to stay informed of what was happening in the East Cork region."
Nicola Mc Clean, Midleton Resident

"Southern Marketing Design Media has been placing advertisements on behalf of our clients in the East Cork Journal for a number of years. The distribution of the East Cork Journal reaches our target audiences in a cost effective manner, and we have always found all the staff to be extremely professional, courteous and friendly, with the advertising department being particularly accommodating and flexible to our needs. We would have no hesitation in recommending working in collaboration with the East Cork Journal."
- Adele, Southern marketing design media

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