Ballycotton International Big Fish Angling Tournament Opens Applications

By Claire O’Donoghue


Applications are now open for the International Big Fish Angling Competition which takes place this year from 12 – 15 September.  30 Nautical miles within the idyllic Ballycotton coastline will be buzzing with activity as angling teams and individuals vie for the prize money of €250,000.

The 4 day shark tournament will be judged as follows:

Each day the angler catching and landing the longest shark wins €20,000

The skipper whose boat lands the highest number of sharks over the course of 4 days wins €20,000

The angler who catches and lands the biggest shark during the competition wins €170,000

The event has a “Catch, Tag, Release” policy that will be strictly adhered to throughout the tournament. The committee behind the competition sought advice and counsel from marine science experts and are collaborating with Ocean Research and Conservation Ireland.

In 2017, Marine Biologist published a complete list of the 71 shark species found in Irish waters, among which are four target species for the competition, the Blue Shark, The Porbeagle, the Shortfin Mako and the Thresher shark. The entry fee is €5,000 and numbers of entrants are limited to 120. Part of the entry fee covers the provision of licensed boats with qualified skippers who have proven experience in correct shark handling,  first aid and other relevant qualifications – no private boats are allowed enter.

The guidelines and rules of the tournament are laid out on their website where you can get all the latest news and also accommodation links for the area. Ballycotton is renowned for its amazing views, warm hospitality and amazing food, and visitors enjoy the coastal village year round. The thrill of the Big Fish competition will no doubt bring many spectators over the 4 days to soak up the atmosphere.