The young children from Bee Happy Montessori Pre - School want to raise funds to help the children who need to use the BUMBLEance Ambulance, and on Wednesday, 14th June, they will be doing a Charity Walk and Sports Day to help raise funds for the very worthy Cause.
Sharon Welch told The East Cork Journal that the pre-schoolers will start their Charity Walk at Tallow Street in Youghal, going right out to the Peer Project Space which is located at the back of Nagle House in South Abbey, by the CRY studios, where the Sports Day will be held in the grounds.
Parents/Guardians are invited along at around 11am to enjoy the day with their children, who will be having a great time, whilst at the same time doing something kind for other children.
Sharon said that, hopefully, the BUMBLEance Ambulance will be able to come along on the day, so that the children can see for themselves and understand how their fundraising efforts will be used.
Please. Give the Bee Happy Pre School children a donation, so they can help other children who may be less fortunate.

BUMBLEance is the most modern children’s ambulance service on the planet and it is the world’s first interactive ambulance purposefully designed for children, with the capacity to operate the latest medical equipment and inter- hospital communication systems. Using the latest technology BUMBLEance is a state-of-the-art vehicle where safety is the first priority. It contains every piece of equipment that any other ambulance may have, as well as latest developments in software, control and automation services, but it is also a fun environment for sick children.
It contains the latest mobile communication systems, satellite tracking and monitoring, and ensures that the journey of a sick child who needs ambulance transportation to and from a treatment centre and their home, is the most safe and comfortable journey possible.