Bird Flu Warning after Case In Midleton Wild Bird Confirmed

By Seamus Whelehan


The department of agriculture have ordered all bird keepers including poultry farmers and households with a few chickens to keep them in secure enclosures.

The government’s chief vet says the precaution is needed to protect the foul from a virulent outbreak of the H5N8 strain of avian bird flu.

In December the department of Agriculture issued the notice to owners of captive birds.

The re-issuing of the order comes after a case of bird flu in a wild bird was confirmed in Midleton.

This is the eleventh case confirmed in the wild, nationally since December 2016.

The latest case was in a grey heron discovered on the 3 February and follows seven previous cases in whooper swans, a further two in Eurasian Wigeon’s and one in a mute swan.

Avian influenza has not been detected in commercial flocks to date.

The public are being advised not to handle dead or sick birds.