Broomfield Ridge Faces Years Before Road Resurfacing

By Seamus Whelehan


A pothole riddled road in Midleton, at serious risk of collapse, will have to wait years before the East Cork Municipality can attend to it, Councillor Noel Collins was told this week.
The Independent Cllr slammed pothole repairs at Broomfield Ridge, and criticised roads bosses for their quick fix approach to the issue.
Last year the Local Authority carried out some repairs to localised surface defects, such as potholes and subsidence from an ESB trench
The area also benefitted from some footpath replacement.
Cllr Collins told the Executive that the road was in an awful state, getting worse and worse.
“The current road surface is collapsing by the day and is now a danger to life and limb.”
Funding should be approved from the 2018 Roads Budget for Broomfield Ridge, he said.
The Midleton based Cllr received the backing of Cllr Danielle Twomey who said “there were some pothole repairs carried out, but the road seems to be sinking in parts and it just needs to be looked at.”
Executive Engineer, Janet Kenny said she had inspected the road and agreed it warranted a complete resurface.
Ms Kenny said the issue is the most complained about problem in the Municipality, and it’s not possible to fix all the districts roads with the available funding.
“Considering the number of other roads in the Municipal District of similar condition, it is unlikely that Broomfield Ridge will receive attention in the coming years” commented the Executive Engineer.
She said, however, that if the residents wished to have their cul-de-sac resurfaced they could request the works to be carried out through the Authority Community Involvement Scheme wherein the home owners would be expected to cover at least 15% of the overall cost.