Busking Time for Tilara at Ballycotton 10


Young enthusiastic musicians Leah and Rebecca Dilworth, Naoise Flynn and Matilda Cuddigan-Eck saw an opportunity to help raise money for the Time for Tilara’s Treatment Trust in their home village Ballycotton this weekend, when over 4,000 runners and supporters visited for the 40th Ballycotton 10 mile race. Twice Tilara’s age, at 10, the four Ballycotton National School classmates are so touched by the challenges beautiful little 5 year old Tilara faces with her condition, they really wanted to do a little something themselves to help. They agreed on some Busking Time for Tilara and baked heart shaped cookies for everyone who supported them too. They rose above their own challenge, the fear of performing publicly, and played outside their school after race winner Mick Clohisey had passed. This busy local weekend was the perfect opportunity to fundraise a little something towards the Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy SDR treatment Tilara needs to help her receive the life changing treatment she requires for a pain free and more mobile future. The young buskers were delighted to have raised €160 for the Time for Tilara fund and would like to thank everyone for supporting them. Natasha, Tilara’s mother, acknowledged this impromptu act of kindness from the girls and rang on Monday to express say a huge thank you on behalf of Tilara. For more information about the Time for Tilara Fund or to make a donation please visit their website http://timefortilara.com/