Busy Cobh Road An Accident Waiting To Happen

By Seamus Whelehan


Cllr Cathal Rasmussen has made an impassionate plea for safety measures to be installed, to protect residents and pedestrians from speeding traffic, along a busy Cobh Road.
The Labour Cllr appealed to Cork County Council to back resident’s calls for better road safety on the Tay Road.
The popular walking and biking route stretches for 4km from Cuskinny wildlife reserve to Ballynoe hill.
The Cobh based Cllr told the September sitting of the borough, urgent action is required to prevent people from being killed or seriously hurt.
He said the situation is “awful” and was worried that someone may get hurt if nothing is done.
“The residents are looking for some help, people are flying out there. God forbid somebody will get killed or badly hurt.”
Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy added that he had been approached by residents living on the Cuskinny side the Cow Cross who had similar safety concerns.
Senior Engineer Ger O’Hora told the sitting, his office intend to complete a series of modifications to the route, with the goal of improving pedestrian safety along the corridor.
He said, he was given the approval for a raft of new measures to increase road safety in the area.
After in-depth traffic surveys, the speed limit on the road is being reduced to 50km per hour.
In addition to the reduced speed limit, the local authority will reline the road and install a number of variable messaging signs.
The radar signs flash the speed of motorists while tracking the number and speed of vehicles travelling on the road.
“Providing the speed of the traffic is excessive after the upgrade, then we would look at additional measures” commented Mr O’Hora.