Call For Mobile CCTV to Crack Down On Ballyannan Litter Louts

By Seamus Whelehan


A popular East Cork recreational area is being used as a dumping ground by weekend revellers according to a Midleton resident.
The walkway towards, Ballyannan Woods, which lies to the south of Midleton, is regularly left strewn with rubbish and broken bottles.
The local amenity is regularly turned into a rubbish dump during weekend outdoor drinking sessions.
People who frequently use the area to cycle or walk their dogs say they have been left disgusted and angered by the mess, which they say will put people off from visiting the area to enjoy the fresh air.
Liam Quaid said the popular amenity is repeatedly littered with beer bottles and broken glass.
Mr Quaid said civic minded residents are regularly left to clean up the litter and has called for mobile CCTV to be used to snare the litter louts.
The spokesperson for the Green Party in East Cork urged the local authority do more to plug gaping holes in enforcement.
As well as hazardous broken glass left on the pathway between Bailick road and the wood area, there were plastic bottles, cans and nagans.
“The problem seems to be worsening in recent months. Long stretches of walkway have no bins whatsoever. There is also no surveillance of the area either by CCTV or council staff, making it a free-for-all for the people who are littering. While putting bins there may risk some domestic dumping we can't just continue as we are” commented Mr Quaid.
He said in order to stop people dropping litter it is essential that people get a sense they will be caught if they do it.
“We need to protect young children and pets from shards of broken glass that are being left on the ground. Cans, bottles and plastic are also endangering sea-life in the estuary nearby” commented the green party spokesperson.
Almost 2,000 litter complaints were received by Cork County Council last year which resulted in just over 320 fines being issued, with just over half the litter fines issued across the County paid.
Of 322 summonses issued across the county just 175 were paid with 30 sent for prosecution and 9 were cancelled.
The number of fly tipping complaints investigated last year almost doubled on the previous year the amount of waste recovered was down on 2016.
The local authority investigated 1796 fly tipping complaints which netted 102 tonnes of waste down from 174 tonnes in 2016 retrieved following 1093 complaints.
223 Fly tipping complaints were lodged across the Cobh Municipal District in 2017 with just 13 prosecutions. In the East Cork Municipal district 192 complaints were received that resulted in 7 prosecutions.
Cork County Council were asked to comment however no statement was forthcoming prior to going to print.