Carrigtwohill Community Council are Seeking the Public’s Suggestions on the Current Playground

By Alan Sheehan


Carrigtwohill Community Council are asking the local public for suggestions regarding the future of the children’s playground.
Currently the children’s playground is located behind the community centre in Carrigtwohill, just past the car park. Carrigtwohill Community Council are currently looking into upgrading and/or relocating the playground.
“The equipment at the playground is a bit dated and old,” said Anthony Barry, a Councillor for Fine Gael. “It’s been there for about 12 or 13 years now. When the playground was constructed [Carrigtwohill Community Council] didn’t have the property behind it, so it wasn’t surrounded by a car park then. Now there are cars all around it and it is no longer an ideal location.”
Carrigtwohill Community Council are responsible for opening and closing the doors to it and a sub-committee of it the council handled the initial fundraising for it but Cork County council are responsible for the insurance and maintenance. If the playground is to be relocated it can only be moved to council or public land.

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