Pride Of Place committee members at last Friday's coffee morning.

Anyone passing through Carrigtwohill lately will be bowled over with the amount of work being carried out by community volunteers.
Locals are out cleaning approach roads and sprucing up the village as they make final preparations for judging in the Pride Of Place Awards 2017.
Last month the community were picked to represent villages in Cork County with less than 5,000 population, at the All Ireland awards later this year.
The village entered the awards in memory of Joan Scully a long-time community activist who passed away unexpectedly in 2013.
People close to Joan say there are two things that she cherished the most during her life -family and community.
Those two elements were on full display last Friday 14 July as families came together to reminisce and to help fund their entry into this year’s Pride of Place Awards
Fine Gael Cllr Anthony Barry said Joan was part of many organisations.
“If Joan was here she’d be involved in every part of it and all the organising of it. She was involved in school organisations, community council, juvenile GAA, Joan was stuck in everything. She was just a great community activist.”
The East Cork Village is one of 4 areas to represent the County in the All Ireland award.
The programme in association with Co-operation Ireland focuses on the work carried out by communities in the 32 counties.
Judges will visit the village next month to assess the vital contribution Carrigtwohill makes to the surrounding area.
Ollie Sheehan Chairman of the Carrigtwohill Pride of Place committee said “everyone has a duty to prepare” ahead of judging day.
He said he hoped to have over 1,000 people in the village on Tuesday 15 August to show how vibrant and diverse the community is.
Carrigtwohill based Cllr Anthony Barry said “it’s a very positive story for Carrigtwohill, “it also creates great awareness of what’s happening around the village as well.”
The group hope use the proceeds of the coffee morning to hire a professional camera crew to develop a video montage,
The video will provide a small sampling of the many vibrant activities going on throughout the community.
Carrigtwohill Pride of Place Committee member Lorraine O’Connell said the video will also help tell the story of the village to outsiders
“Even though there are 70 individual clubs in the village, we fit together like a jigsaw. Everyone compliments each other and works together.”
As the visual appearance of the village plays a major part in the competition the committee are urging local residents and residents associations to make an extra effort with their area ahead of the 15 August deadline.