Castlemartyr’s Scoil Iósaf Parents’ Association Launch Anti-Dog Fouling Poster Campaign

By Alan Sheehan


The Parents’ Association of Scoil Iósaf National School in Castlemartyr have joined with the local Community Council to launch a poster campaign to discourage dog fouling in the area.

Twenty-four posters have been placed throughout Castlemartyr village with a special focus shown to the areas worse effected by dog fouling.

“It is the Parents’ Association in conjunction with the Community Council,” said Lisa O’Donovan, Chairperson of the Scoil Iósaf Parents’ Association. “They are great to support the Parents’ Association with any project we have. Dog fouling is a big problem unfortunately. It is all over the place and not just in Castlemartyr. Anyone walking to or from school is at risk of stepping into it. We want to try and send a message to people to clean up after their dogs. Hopefully they will take note.”

The designs for the posters are unique and crafted by some of those who are effected by the dog fouling in the village, the children of Scoil Iósaf National School who are encouraged to walk to school every day.

“We originally held a colouring competition for each of the eight classes in the school,” said Ms O’Donovan. “We got an independent artist to come in and pick the best one from each class. The kids got a voucher for office supplies and their drawings were used to make the posters with the help of funding from the Community Council.”

Each of the eight winning students’ pictures was triplicated into posters and then placed around Castlemartyr.

“We put them up around the whole village,” said Ms O’Donovan. “They are up on the entrances and exits of different estates and on the roads towards Mogeely and Ladysbridge. We have posters up in every area where it is a major problem. The kids can see their art as they go to school and hopefully it will raise awareness and people will pick up their dog fouling and dispose of it properly.”

The poster campaign marks the first attempt by the Parents Association and Castlemartyr Community Council to seriously tackle the issue.

“It’s the first time we are really doing something about it,” said Ms O’Donovan. “It is a really big problem around here. You see grown men and women out walking with their dog and not picking up after them. The school emphasises that kids should walk to school, but yet the footpaths aren’t clean. Kids and mothers with prams can easily step into it and that happens every day. We just want to try and raise awareness about this in the village.”