Chernobyl Children Visit Spike

Committee and children from the Chernobyl Children International who visited Spike on Tuesday

Almost 30 young children from the Belarus region visited Spike Island and Cobh, before returning home to Chernobyl.
The youngsters, who come from an area which is still affected by radiation fallout from the Chernobyl disaster 33 years on, enjoyed all that the Islands had to offer.
In total 120 children from orphanages and homes enjoyed the unseasonably good weather in Ireland as part of the Homes of Hope trip organised by Chernobyl Children International (CCI).
Established by humanitarian and peace campaigner Aidi Roche, CCI has been giving young children from Belarus and the Ukraine a health boost for almost three decades.
A 30km zone around Chernobyl has been in place since 1986, making it the most radioactive area in the world.
Millions continue to live in contaminated zones with exposure to radioactive pollution.
In 2016, 30 years after the disaster, the United Nations designated the 26th April as International Chernobyl Remembrance Day, raising awareness of the long-term effects of a nuclear disaster.
Chernobyl Children International has been organising trips for 28 years, bringing more than 25,000 children to Ireland since 1991, and says there is a real benefit to the children’s visits here.
Public Relations Officer,Aileen O’Sullivan said by taking the children out of Chernobyl for a month to Ireland “they generally get a big boost to their immune system.”
Ms O’Sullivan said when the children come they are pale and tired, and are refreshed going back home.
“You can see a noticeable difference. Their faces are gleaming, they are stronger and look healthier” she said.
The Chernobyl Children International PRO added there will be a lot of tears when both children and families will part company after their month’s stay in Cork, when they return home on Monday 22 July.
During their months stay here, the children have visited Trabolgan, Fota Island as well as trips to the cinema and beach.

Alisia, Tanya, Paulina and Rita from Chernobyl in Cobh on Tuesday en route to Spike Island
Casting an eye on Spike Island from Kennedy park Cobh

All smiles for the camera in Cobh on Tuesday

Brother and sister Inga and Bogdan marking out their route before they travel to Spike Island