Climate Aware Midleton, Public meeting: My Place, February 28th, 7.45pm


Climate Aware Midleton is a group of East Cork residents who aim to make their community resilient and united in the face of climate change.

Liam Quaide, Green Party local election candidate in East Cork, outlined its origins and aims: "this group started from a conversation in December between Helena Walsh, Katherine Wentzel and myself. We met in Midleton after a political forum on climate action. We were disillusioned with the lack of urgency shown by most of the politicians that night, and felt we needed to do something useful on this issue - which is going to affect us all - within our local community.

We were later joined by Natasha Harty and Joanna Curtis, and from there came the idea of a 'shared network' in sustainable living skills. The idea is that we will build a community group of people who can share knowledge of sustainable practices such as composting, tree planting and waste reduction. Other ideas will take shape as our group develops.

Mr Quaide spoke of the potential for the group to bring concerned people together and, by taking collective action, ease their anxieties about climate change. "We believe that many people in our community are aiming to make the transition to a low carbon future, and we hope to provide a space where we can all share ideas and work towards this goal.

Climate change is a subject that can breed despair and inertia. Sometimes people who become aware of the threats we face can feel quite isolated in their fear and overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge. We want our community to feel that we're in this together and that we can all benefit from taking action."

Mr Quaide emphasised that this will not be a political event.

Climate Aware Midleton is having its first public meeting in My Place Community Centre, Midleton on Thursday February 28th at 7.45pm. All are welcome and no prior knowledge of climate change or sustainability is necessary.