Cllr. James O Connor Calls For Much Needed Change


On Saturday the people of Cork East will have an important decision  to make. This is the opportunity to bring worthwhile  change. I want to lead that change and be your new voice in Dáil Eireann. As your full time local county councillor I have shown my commitment and worked extremely hard and delivered for our community. I will use my drive, energy, three years experience in Leinster House, combined with strong party backing to ensure that we can finally  get our fair share of  Government support for the  Cork East region.

Fianna Fáil has set out costed, responsible plans which will:

Deliver real improvements in critical health services

Put a new priority on housing which is affordable for people whether they want to rent or buy

Tackle the rising cost of living, with action on costs such as childcare and insurance

Support rural communities, protecting services and incomes

Supporting a fair transition to a cleaner, more sustainable Ireland

Protect economic growth, tackling waste and overspending, and delivering fair changes to tax, pensions and social protection. (Fianna Fáil will ensure that those retiring at 65 will NOT lose out to the tune of €2340 as per Fine Gael plans)

I will work to ensure badly needed extra school places are provided

I will push for better, more frequent and lower cost public transport

We need now, more than ever, for a new generation of political representatives to deliver for our community.

I am determined to deliver solutions and to be your strong progressive voice in Dáil Eireann. I am asking for your number 1 vote on February 8th.