Cllr Twomey Welcomes Almost €80,000 in Anti-Litter Funding For Cork

By Seamus Whelehan


An East Cork Councillor who has been calling for some Ruff Justice has welcomed a Government initiative to invest in tackling litter, dog fouling and graffiti nationwide.
Cllr Danielle Twomey received the full backing of Cork County Council last month to establish a countywide task force to deal with the dog mess epidemic.
The Sinn Fein Cllr said people were browned off over the amount of dog litter found on our streets.
Among the initiatives under discussion were on the spot fines for dog owners caught without a poop bag, and a name and shame initiative.
While the new fund is primarily for litter education and awareness campaigns, Cllr Twomey is hopeful that extra resources can be used to fund her anti-litter task force currently being considered by Cork County Council.
The Midleton based Cllr said the resources should be set aside to deal with the issue “head on.”
€76,000 is being provided to Cork County Council under two anti-litter initiatives.
The Local Authority has been allocated €36,000 to run public awareness and education campaigns to encourage behavioural change to tackle graffiti and litter of all types.
A further €40,000 is being provided under the anti-dumping initiative to support clean-up operations and CCTV at 23 locations.
Environment and Climate Change Minister, Denis Naughten said “Dog fouling is, perhaps, the most intrusive type of litter and a constant source of annoyance for us all on our streets, in our parks and on our beaches.”
Cllr Twomey said since tabling her Motion last month she has been “bombarded” by Tidy Towns and community groups seeking the establishment of a nationwide litter and dog dirt crack team which would revolutionise the way in which Councils maintain their districts.
She said that, once established, the new taskforce would be self-funding, and dedicated solely to the issuing of fines for littering and dog fouling.
“Thousands of Euro in unissued fines lie on our streets in the form of dog fouling. The task force would not replace the Council’s cleaning department, but rather focus on graffiti removal, public health issues and support good environmental practice among communities.”