Cobh Community Centre will open its new Time Out Coffee Dock at the end of the month on Wednesday, 30 August.
The Coffee Dock is a new initiative by the Cobh (Great Island) Community Centre aimed towards parents of children who are just beginning school and will run from 9am-12pm on its opening day. The Time Out Coffee Dock, which will be held in the community centre’s main hall, will be open from 9am-12pm every Tuesday to Friday from then on.
“We decided to open this Café Dock this year as we have a few schools nearby,” said Gwen O’Halloran, Manager of Cobh (Great Island) Community Centre. “Since parents use our car parking facility each morning we decided to try and facilitate parents who have young children starting school this year who for the first few weeks will only be in school for an hour or two. Rather than go home and have to come back within an hour, we invited parents to come to the centre and have a coffee or tea with a scone or biscuit whilst having a chat with other parents in a similar position. The Coffee Dock will be open to everyone.”
Before the launch of the Coffee Dock, Cobh (Great Island) Community Centre will hold a Summer Social Afternoon Tea Dance from 3.30-6pm on Sunday, 27 August. Chris Dallat will provide live music with the dance also featuring light refreshments and a raffle. Admission is €10 per person and doors open at 3pm. The event is organised by Declan Roche in conjunction with the Cobh Community Centre.
In early September the community centre will add fencing lessons to its itinerary of activities and services. Thomas W Brennan will teach beginner classes in fencing which will run every Wednesday from 7-9pm with the first class commencing on Wednesday, 7 September. The course will provide an introduction to three types of weapons – foil, epee and sabre – and all beginners will start with footwork and foil.