Cobh Municipality Approve Draft Budget for 2020

By Seamus Whelehan


The 2020 Draft Budget, worth almost €5.3 million for the Cobh Municipal District, has been passed on its first reading.

The financial projection is on par with this year’s Budget prior to the boundary extension.

Cobh Municipal Executive Officer Paraig Lynch said despite the District’s reduced size, the budget reflects increases, honouring a Government Pay Agreement.

Before approving the Draft Plan issues, which include the Village Enhancement Scheme, Litter Management and Roads maintenance, were raised by the Councillors.

For the first time ever the Draft Budget did not include an allocation for roads maintenance and improvements of regional and local roads.

Paraig Lynch said, since the Cork City boundary extension in June, into parts of the district, the roads budgets have not been properly finalised.

He said he expects to receive an allocation of over €4million for local roads, €1.3 million is anticipated to be assigned to the general maintenance and improvement of the District regional roads, including maintenance of verges on the approach roads, and a further €2.7million is anticipated for local roads maintenance and improvements.

€286,000 has been allocated under litter management and street cleaning, with €66,658 going to road safety and promotion - down from €103,480 on 2019 figures.

Municipal Officer Paraig Lynch said the decrease reflects the amount of Litter Warden Staff lost to the city.

Street cleaning operations saw a decline of €15,000 on this year’s figure to €157,110. The decrease is due to costs incurred in the Glanmire area prior to its transfer to the City.

He said “in effect we have the same number of staff but a smaller area so we should get more done.”

Maintenance of burial grounds has gone from €53,000 to €20,000 with two fulltime staff at Rathcooney Cemetery and Curra Cubain Cemetery transferring to the city.

€120,000 has been assigned to the Town and Village Renewal fund, and Councillors will be allocated €183,000 to give to community and sporting organisations.  A further €69,000 will be provided under the Village Enhancement Scheme.

Mr Lynch said “in real terms there is an increase in the Village Enhancement Scheme, the Town Development fund and General Municipal Allocation, if you factor in what was normally spent in Glanmire.”

There is also provision of €260,000 to maintain outdoor spaces. €70,000 of the allocation is to be spent on maintaining leisure facility operations, €154,000 will be spent on public parks, amenity areas and public walkways.  The remaining €35,000 will be assigned to the ongoing maintenance costs of playgrounds in the areas.

The Draft Budget of €5,217,511 was approved unanimously by the Cobh Municipal Councillors.

The East Cork Municipal District will discuss their Draft Budget on Tuesday 29 October behind closed doors.