Cobh Rescue Horses Vital Fundraiser

By Claire O’Donoghue


With the arrival in the last week at Cobh Rescue Horses of another 10 horses in need of treatment, care and nourishment, the voluntary workers there have no choice but to gallop into another vital fundraiser. Their “New for You” day will take place on Saturday, 1 June from 12noon at Cobh Ramblers. Already, they have received donations of items which will on sale on the day, some of which are brand new. Kitchenalia, electrical items, clothing, accessories, toys, books and much more will be on the sale docket, so be sure to go have a nose through them all to catch the bargain of the summer at a fraction of the cost.  Each cent raised will be go towards the feeding, veterinary attention, housing and rehabilitation of the 10 new abandoned horses, as well as all those already in the wonderful care of the fantastic local volunteers who already pledge every spare minute they have to the cause.

Now, more than ever, Cobh Rescue Horses need your help. Please come and support their much-needed fundraiser and help get each of these horses ready to find them a new home with an owner who cares. If you feel you could foster or adopt any of the animals in the care of Cobh Rescue Horses please find them on Facebook and get in touch. Their horses and ponies are more than ready, willing and able to love a new owner in their forever home. All breeds and sizes are available and you will have the full advice and support of the team. Similarly, if you can volunteer a few hours a week with a bit of manual labour involving grooming, rehab and feeding, let them know through Facebook and feel how special the appreciation of an abandoned animal can be.