This year’s Cobh St. Patrick’s Day Parade is scheduled for 1pm on 17 March.  It will be travelling the usual route, departing from The Heritage Centre with the viewing platform in the town centre.  This year’s theme is Fly the Flag.  The inspiration for this theme came from the much loved international flags on display in The Prom throughout the tourism season and those volunteers who proudly fly the flag for their organisations in our town.  The purpose of this theme is fourfold: to honour volunteer effort in Cobh, to welcome the many nationalities that have made Cobh their home, to reflect the many places we get visitors from annually and finally to acknowledge the many locations globally the Irish have left for through Cobh.

Entry to this year’s parade is free and we are encouraging all businesses, community and sporting groups on Great Island to take part.  Entry forms can be accessed on or are available from any committee member.  This year we are especially interested in bands, floats or other creative ideas and obviously lots of flags representing various organisations and nationalities.  There will be a number of competitions on the day judging the best entry in various categories.  Our top priority is to get as many entries as possible however we are also very interested in recruiting new volunteers for the day and committee members to drive the parade forward in the coming years.

Ken Curtin, one of the 2019 organising committee said “we are very excited about this year’s theme and we hope the various community organisations embrace it, we would especially love to see those from abroad who have made Cobh their home to take part in the parade with their native country’s flag and to give us a taste of their heritage as we as a country celebrate ours”.  He further added “although viewer numbers have been up in recent years participation by groups and especially businesses has been down. We have therefore set a target of fifty entries for 2019. This can only be achieved if people make a concerted effort. There is again no entry fee for any entries received by 10th March 2019.”  In conclusion he said “as well as entries we would love to recruit some new volunteers and committee members, to ensure the parade’s continuation into the future”