“Buy! Buy! Says the sign in the window. Why? Why? Says the junk in the yard” – Paul McCartney 1970.
October is reuse month, to mark the occasion Cobh Tidy Towns in collaboration with Cork Environmental Alliance, Cobh Allotments, Zero Waste Cobh and the Southern Waste Region want to turn the Great Island into a no waste community.
Next Saturday 28 October the Tidy Towner’s want to help upcycle and transform your life by breathing new life into old clothes and furniture.
Ruth Ring from Cobh Tidy Towns says “It’s about making more from what we have, rather than being a throwaway society. We want locals of all ages to make a choice to purchase things that can be recycled and put less pressure on the dump.”
The event is also about supporting local charities seeing what they have on offer and learning new ideas on how old clothing can be transformed.
So whether you fancy learning how to repurpose old CD holders into bagel storage units, old credit cards into plectrums or upcycle old light bulbs into candles Cobh Community Centre is the place to be.
Vintage furniture doesn’t have to cost the earth either, with a little imagination and a few simple tricks old recycled furniture can be completely transformed into new items that can be used throughout the house.
From 12:30pm to 3:30pm up cycler’s will be on hand to help you take a new look at old things and teach you ways to repurpose waste while reducing our carbon footprint.