Join us for the National "Sick of Plastic" Day on April 21st. We'll be gathering at 12 o'clock midday to do a "Shop & Drop" at the supermarkets in Ticknock.

The "Sick of Plastic" campaign, facilitated by Friends of the Earth, is encouraging shoppers around the country to express their concern at the rising tide of plastic
in our environment and asking supermarkets to take action both within their own brands as well as with their suppliers. Plastic packaging takes hundreds of years to decompose causing terrible damage to our oceans, devastating wildlife and polluting our communities.

Shoppers are being encouraged to leave their unwanted plastic packaging with the supermarket at, or after, the checkout. We see supermarkets as part of the problem. Our problem is not with the manager or cashiers in the supermarket, rather it is with the corporate management, manufacturers and processors who make product and packaging decisions as well as having control over purchasing decisions.

Join us at midday on Saturday 21st April at Ticknock outside Aldi if you are sick of plastic too!