Pressure is being put on Cork County Council to take action on a run down and potentially dangerous properties which sit in prime locations across East Cork.
Cllr Noel Collins wants Cork County Council to take a tougher approach when it comes to dealing with long-vacant, boarded buildings that have become eyesores.
The Midleton based Cllr told the October sitting of the East Cork Municipality he was particularly concerned over a property in upper Ballinacurra village that he fears could be dangerous.
The Independent Cllr said he was “shocked” that the state of dereliction has worsened since he raised the issue almost twelve months ago.
He said Council has kept its “eyes closed” to the problem fearing the community of Ballinacurra are in imminent danger.
“Half the house is falling out onto the main street and no one will take notice until someone is killed. Then they will be all running saying how did it happen”, commented Cllr Collins
Ballinacurra residents are so concerned for their safety they have erected signage warning people to stay away.
Cork County Council say their hands are tied when it comes to dealing with the issue.
A senior council official told the Cllr they have found no documentary evidence to prove ownership of the property.
They say they have received information regarding a possible owner. A letter has been drafted asking them to confirm ownership however they have yet to respond.
While it is assumed they authority are actively continuing their investigations it wasn’t made clear at the meeting.
Independent Cllr Mary Linehan Foley highlighted other premises in the borough as being in a poor state.
The Youghal based Cllr said among those she was most concerned about was the Hill Top hotel in Youghal and a vacant house in Castlemartyr village.
It’s understood the owner of the Hill Top hotel in Youghal has been served with a dereliction notice.
The Municipality have asked that they are notified of structures throughout the borough that are considered as derelict and will survey them in due course.