Come Diet with Me New Year New Me ??? NO



New Year Same Me –
maybe with a different perspective …
Anyone else get sick of  all these failed new year’s resolutions? I mean, Yeah, we make
these promises to ourselves with the very best of intentions, but a week in your like .. Ok I’m done, let’s try something new.

This is me all over, I’m a master procrastinator, I’ll wait until something is absolutely necessary before I make a move and do something about it, which leaves me here, in my post-Christmas body which is about 20lb more than my pre-Christmas body which leaves me in a whole lot of trouble!

My problem? Laziness, pure and simple, I’m not going to sit there and  blame my experience on my lack of hand to mouth control, or my lack of exercise , nope, I’m going to own this mess I’ve made, and clean it up once and for all!
Step one, I’m keeping a food diary, yep, a diary of everything I eat and drink, I recon this may help my mind realise that my body is not the bottomless pit it thinks it is, and that contrary to what I tell myself my daily intake of dairy cannot come in the form of a chocolate bar, No Sir it cannot.

Now, I’m a realist, and I understand Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor will I change in a day. I think in order to make a serious life change you really have to want to do it, and right at this moment, I’ve never wanted anything more.

I’ve also decided to let go of my love affair with caffeine and make the bold switch to green tea but for week one I’m going to try a detox tea just to get things moving.

I've pledged to become more active, and can no longer pretend, I’m wearing my apple watch constantly so its monitoring my every move so I get to see exactly how many steps I take daily and it really gives you an insight of daily routines.

So that’s this week’s plan, I’ve drawn myself  up a daily food plan which I’ve given you today's one on. For more information on my routines, walks and diary follow my facebook page @ComeDietWithMe where you can interact with other users.

Day Plan
Breakfast – 2 x Boiled eggs on Brown bread Snack Grapes with Dairy free Yogurt
Lunch – Brown wholemeal wrap with ½ tbl spoon of mayo , lettuce , tomato , onion and Turkey lean
Snack – Dairy free alpro vanilla yogurt
Dinner – Salmon fillet with wholemeal noodles and veg
Snack – Chopped apple and grapes in dairy free yogurt
Coffee – 0
Tea – Tea-Tox from
Deals (7 bags for €1.50) 1 per day
Water – 2000ml

That’s it for me this week, here’s to a nice healthy 2019 for us all Until Next week