Community Cats Network Collection in Castlemartyr


There will be a street collection in Castlemartyr tomorrow, 28 September, for the Community Cats Network. The local charity operates a TNR Scheme in which they Trap, Neuter and Return stray and feral cats in the East Cork area. They have long promoted this humane solution to the wild cat population, which also affords the animals a check-up while at the vets for neutering. Cats are usually marked with a nick in their ear while under general anaesthetic, making the wild and stray ones more readily identified as already neutered, if trapped in the future. This is especially convenient for the female cats, as there are no obvious physical marks that they have been neutered once the surgical scar has fully healed.


The work undertaken by Community Cat Network is invaluable to the welfare of the cats throughout the area. Veterinary medicine has long advocated the benefits of neutering which, of course, applies to both feral animals and pets. It eliminates the risks of uterine cancer in females, and reduces stress levels by removing heats. In males, it reduces the likelihood of roaming, therefore causing less accidents on the road or fighting with other males when females are in season – this dramatically reduces the chances of spreading diseases such as feline leukemia and feline AIDS. Since its beginnings in 2012, the Community Cat Network has come to the aid of 5,400 in Cork, West Waterford and South Tipperary, 2035 in East Cork alone. Emily Peneau (Co-founder and TNR co-ordinator for East Cork), said, “All monies raised go directly towards helping communities neuter local feral and stray cats. We would really appreciate any support we can get for our street collections.”


Further street collections are planned for Carrigtwohill on Friday, 19 October and in Midleton on Friday, 26 October. Tesco Midleton have also included the charity as part of this month’s Blue Token Community Appeal. Please support the work of this great charity at one of its upcoming collections. For more information please find them on Facebook.