Community Council Initiative is Rocking the Day in Castlemartyr

By Claire O’Donoghue

Castlemartyr Rocks is a Community Council initiative to spread a little happiness through the village. Taking inspiration from the "The Kindness Rock Project" it is a simple, yet highly effective tool, for brightening up any urban space.  Castlemartyr Rocks is for everybody of all ages. “It's about inclusion and bringing a smile to someone's face, perhaps on the day they may need it most”, said Jennifer McGovern (Community Council member).

It is a therapeutic project from start to finish, not to mention a great reason to get out of the house with the children, as parents try to find activities to keep them entertained through the long summer holidays. Our fantastic weather has been the perfect backdrop for strolling along the dozens of glorious local beaches and woods to find some rocks, and getting away from the screens, schedules and stresses of everyday life. Each rock is your own canvas. “You don’t have to be any good at painting or drawing”, said Jennifer, “It’s just the act of painting the rocks and taking a bit of time out for yourself to relax, or have fun with kids and come up with some designs or slogans that speak to you – they make speak to the person that finds them too, as the next step is to head on an adventure to hide them for other people to come across.” Such a simple idea, as are most of the best ones! A fun back to basics activity with connotations of an age when life was not as fast paced, and entertainment was not based on technology.

Once you’ve found the perfect hiding place for your painted rocks you can, if you wish, post clues on Facebook for people to follow and find them. As the weeks of Summer stretch to weeks of Autumn and Winter, new inspiration will bring new rocks. A small, personal little project to enjoy all year round with the hiding and, in turn, finding of these colourful treasures. “Here in Castlemartyr, we’re lucky to have two gorgeous woodland areas, Mitchell’s Wood and Pigeon Wood which are ideal for hiding your painted rocks”, said Jennifer, “ and a great way to appreciate our beautiful village. We also encourage people, when searching for stones, to bring a bag and pick up some litter along the way”.