Concerns raised over Delay on Clearing Haulbowline’s East Tip Toxic Dump

By Seamus Whelehan

Haulbowline's East Tip where remediation works have stalled according to Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has expressed a lack of confidence in the local authority’s progress to date on the clean-up of a toxic dump in Cork Harbour.
The Independent Cllr told a full sitting of the Cork County Council this week, the visible lack of progress on clearing the East Tip of Haulbowline is continuing to pose a health risk to harbour communities.
The site estimated to hold up to 500,000 tonnes of slag, a by-product of the steel manufacturing process, is believed to contain carcinogen chromium 6 and other heavy metals.
In 2011 the department of Agriculture appointed Cork County Council to oversee regularisation of the East Tip, after the EU threatened heavy penalties, if the site wasn’t secured and made safe.
Some of the waste was taken off site and processed in Germany.
It’s understood no further waste is to be removed and the site is to be capped with a semi permeable layer.

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