Cork County Council Clamp Down On Illegal Roadside Advertising

By Seamus Whelehan


Cork county council are to clamp down on illegal and dangerous road signs across the county.
Those who erect unauthorised signs or park vehicles on public roads for sale will have them removed.
From next month it will be illegal to erect, place or retain on a public road, signs, caravans, vehicles or other structures used for the purpose of advertising, the sale of goods, and the provision of service or similar purpose without consent from the local authority.
Anyone displaying an unauthorised sign or structure/vehicle face having it removed within 24hrs of a notice fixed to it.
Where the owner of the material or vehicles are known a letter will be issued advising they have six weeks to claim their property before its disposed of or auctioned off.
The council will charge offenders for the cost of storage.
Fine Gael Cllr Kevin Murphy, who backed the move, told a full sitting of the Authority on Monday 26 June unauthorised advertising was causing serious road safety hazards.
The chairman of Cork County Councils Environment special purposes committee said while he welcomed the new rules, illegal structures on private land also need to be tackled.
He said “vehicles parked on private property is still causing a serious distraction to people. There are a huge number juggernauts placed at strategic locations on main roads and bye-roads.”
Mayor Declan Hurley told Cllr Murphy the Councils Planning policy unit was currently working on powers to tackle the issue with private land owners.
Independent Cllr John Paul O’Shea also welcomed the move however he felt a 24 hour grace period was too short before council staff remove the offending items.
He said the owner of the property may not see the remove notice and questioned the cost of their removal and storage.
Council CEO Tim Lucey said he felt the 24 hour notice period was reasonable as the authority want to take action. He said the cost of removing and storing items would vary depending on the place and type of structure.
Mr Lucey said ultimately the costs incurred would be decided by the area engineers.