Cork ETB Moves To Ensure Completion Of Schools In Midleton and Fermoy After Sammon Group Enter Examinership

By Seamus Whelehan


The Cork Education Training Board said it will do everything in its power to ensure construction at two East Cork Schools will be completed.
Construction at both locations stalled last week after Sammon Contracting Ireland Ltd. (SCIL) sought the protection of the High court following the collapse of British firm Carillion.
Carillion who had a contract with the government to deliver educational facilities here, collapsed in January.
The UK firm had subcontracted Sammon to construct five schools and a colleges under a public private partnership.
Carillion owes Sammon a reported €8million meaning SCIL in turn are unable to pay some of its contractors.
The Irish construction company told the High Court the collapse of Carillion had a devastating and immediate impact on its ability to carry out its other projects.
Sammon also had the contract for 4 non-public private partnership schools, two of which are in East Cork.
Construction at St Colman’s Community College Midleton and Coláiste an Chraoibhín, Fermoy stalled last week after SCIL entered examinership.
The St. Colman’s Community College project involves the construction of a standalone extension, including the provision of a gym, associated playing pitches and engineering abutment. Following project completion the school will have a further 32 classrooms which will increase its capacity by 800 students.

In Fermoy a three storey standalone extension commenced in November 2016 and was to be complete by September 2017.
The 3,846 square metre building is estimated to cost in the region of €8million.
While it’s expected Sammon will pull out of examinership, Ted Owens, CE at the Cork Education and Training Board said the “Key focus is on ensuring school building projects are delivered as quickly as possible”
In a statement to the East Cork Journal Cork ETB said it was in communication with the Department of Education and Skills and seeking legal advice regarding the schemes.
The Department of Education and Skills have confirmed they will proactively engage with Sammon and the Examiner to discuss the impact on any individual projects.