Council to Review Traffic Flow as Midleton Traffic Lights have Motorists seeing Red

By Seamus Whelehan


“Midleton motorists are seeing Red” Cllr Susan McCarthy told Monday’s East Cork Municipality. The Fine Gael Cllr told the Executive she wanted to know what’s up with traffic light timing at the busy junction at Riverside Way, and why motorists are regularly stuck for long periods of time.

The Midleton based Cllr said waiting at the traffic signals can be painful, causing people to get “tetchy.”  “Motorists coming from either side of Riverside Way or from Church Lane, and sometimes Lidl motorists, are sitting there at all four sides when there is no traffic at the opposite side, just sitting there waiting for the lights to change” Commented Cllr McCarthy.   Municipality Chairman, Noel Collins agreed and said “it’s only going to get worse” with the impending footpath upgrade works on Main Street and the new slip road planned at the Lake View Roundabout, as the area could be used for diverted traffic.  Sinn Féin Cllr Danielle Twomey said she also had an issue with the lights at two locations along the Mill Road, the railway junction and the intersection with the Northern relief road.  She said motorists are not given enough time to complete their manoeuvres as the lights change all too quickly.

Senior Engineer Cork Roads, Dave Clark said the timing of traffic signals in the Market town are pre-programmed based on a number of factors.  “The green light times vary based on the type of traffic, to maximise the efficiency of the junction and provide for the safety of all road users” he said.  The Senior Engineer said, however, that he would have the traffic light controller system reviewed for all three intersections.