Councillor Hegarty Looks To Ramp Up Safety In Ballymacoda

By Seamus Whelehan


Concerns regarding an approach roads to an East Cork village have been raised by Cllr Michael Hegarty.
The Fine Gael Cllr told this week’s East Cork Municipality that he was looking to ramp up safety measures on all approaches to Ballymacoda village.
Speeding has been a longstanding concern for local residents, with cars travelling through the area at great speed especially on the road leaving Ballymacoda for, and from, Knockadoon.
Initial concerns for child safety were raised in the area in 2005. The only place for children to play is the green area known as the ball alley and this area is right next to the cross roads at which cars must pass.
Councillor Hegarty raised the concerns of residents again at Tuesday’s East Cork Municipality meeting.
He said he couldn’t understand why Council could not install speed ramps on all approach roads as had other districts.
“We already had one fatality in Ballymacoda and we don’t want to see another”
“From Brides Bridge to Castlelyons, a regional road, they have traffic calming on both approaches to the village. They have 3 actual ramps, 2 from the school towards the village and a third on the approach from Fermoy” commented the Fine Gael Cllr.
In 2015 the Council had added extra road markings, encouraging caution on entering and leaving Ballymacoda village.
Responding to Councillor Hegarty, Senior Council Engineer David Clarke said he will review his position on ramps for the village, but said they are generally used as a last option.