(Photo by Gordon Robertson).

The East Cork Municipality has agreed to support a bid for the district's first Skateboard Parks.
The move comes after Cllrs Susan McCarthy and Mary Linehan Foley sought to kick start plans for a Skate Park in Midleton and Youghal.
Both Cllrs told the July Sitting of the East Cork Municipal District that there is strong community support for a state of the art Skate Park, similar to Fitzgerald Park in Cork City.
As well as providing hours of fun, the Cllrs hope each Park will be a deterrent to antisocial behaviour which occasionally occurs in the community.
Cllr McCarthy said “not everyone wants [skate parks]. Some people think they are going to promote anti-social behaviour but what we have seen across the county has disproved that.”
“Once you have them in an open area where they are in full view they can work very, very well. If they are out of sight and feel that they are forgotten about, then they might fall into a bit of anti-social behaviour” commented the Midleton based Cllr.
Cllr Linehan Foley said “there are quite a lot of skateboard users in the area, and anywhere that could be looked at would be very much appreciated.”
East Cork Municipality Executive Officer, Joe McCarthy said once the community showed a willingness to develop a Skate Park the Council could look at securing Central Government grants to match the money raised.
He said once a suitable Greenfield site has been identified by the residents, the project could proceed to design stage prior to a full public consultation before planning can be decided.
It’s likely both schemes would include features for children on scooters bikes, skateboards and roller-skates.
Skate Parks of this nature are generally designed to need very little maintenance.



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