East Cork Music Project creators of the Lighting The Way East Cork Brochure

Mayor of Cork County Declan Hurley has issued a desperate plea for people to reach out for help as he spoke candidly of a friend who is struggling with mental health issues.
The County Mayor told a packed Pairci Ui Chaoimh yesterday “Suicide is a demon in our society, when it hits, it has far reaching effects on the community.”
The Mayor was in attendance to help launch a new booklet, ‘Lighting the way East Cork’, aimed at opening up conversation around loss through suicide and identifying the support services available.
The publication a collaboration between a number of community organisations in East Cork, is supported by an Garda Siochana and the HSE.
The booklet looks at lighting the way through grief, loss and death.
At the launch of the booklet Mayor Hurley spoke candidly of a friend who is battling with mental illness for the past five years.
He said speaking out about mental illness is like taking off a mask and encouraging people to open up.
“There is nothing I can do to help that person, but to just be there and understand what they are going through.”
“Every morning I make that one phone call, this morning I was told, I’m still here, you don’t know, every day you are just dreading that phone call.”
Helena Cogan resource officer for suicide prevention with the HSE Says discussing the pain of loss is essential to wellness and that conversation starts in the community.
“We are here in Pairci Ui Chaoimh and symbolically it shows us, we are all players on a pitch. We all have a role to play, to help reduce suicide. Equally we all have a role to support people who are bereaved through suicide.”
It’s often hard to articulate grief after a suicide with many suffering in silence.
The booklet is currently being distributed to services throughout East Cork and is available to download at http://www.hse.ie and search lighting the way.
The first edition is designed by the East Cork Music group based in Midleton.