Cow on the Run from Slaughter House Causes Havoc in East Cork

By Seamus Whelehan


The slaughter house in Castlemartyr has been urged to ‘beef up’ security after a cow hoofed it from Clifford’s abattoir.
The heifer is said to have jumped the gate of the holding pen at the slaughter house in a daring escape last Tuesday 13 August.
The bovine was found after it wandered through the car park and into the store room of Ahern’s Centra, with a tag in its ear and a look of panic in its eye!!
Monica Staszak, an employee of Ahern’s Centra said “it was a miracle nothing was damaged inside or outside.”
Ms Staszak said the break out occurred at a busy shopping period for the store, but luckily there were very few vehicles in the car park.
She said the incident happened very quickly, and her first instinct was to protect the customers.
“When we discovered what had happened we locked the gate and back door to protect our staff and customers” commented the store assistant.
Gardaí say they “currently have no reports” relating to last week’s incident.
It was a similar case for the Health and Safety Authority, and a spokesperson said they were “not aware” that any incident has been reported to them yet.
For the time being the cow, who has attained certain celebrity in Castlemartyr, will be spared her life.
Clifford’s say she is back on the farm enjoying life. “You can’t slaughter an animal that has been distressed”
One thing is certain, they say, that as her life has been spared for now she will not return to Clifford’s abattoir as the cow would have a memory of it.
“It’s up to the farmer if they want to send the animal to another slaughter house at a later stage” they said.