Susan Herlihy, proprietor of Crafty Hands Pottery Studio, in front of her personal works at her business’ new premises located in the square at Coach Horse Lane, Midleton.

Crafty Hands Pottery Studio in Midleton will close its doors for the final time at its current location this Saturday, 19 August, prior to its move to a nearby premises.
The pottery studio has been based at the Courtyard in Midleton since 2006, but will move to Coach Horse Lane, the square where business such as the Granary Foodstore, Scarlett boutique and O’Briens Saddlery are located. From its reopening on 29 August, Crafty Hands will keep 10am-5pm as its opening hours from Tuesdays to Saturdays.
“Crafty Hands is moving to Coach Horse Lane,” said Susan Herlihy, proprietor of Crafty Hands Pottery Studio. “This Saturday is our final day in the Courtyard. I opened the studio 11 years ago and have been here running all sorts of pottery and ceramics classes for adults and kids since. I am reopening then on Tuesday, 29 August.”
Ms Herlihy said the reasons for the move were twofold.
“I am moving to a new space for two principal reasons,” she said. “Firstly the Coach Horse Lane premises is a larger space and will ensure a smoother running of ceramics classes. We run a lot of drop-in and rolling classes and there will be more space for people to drop in and out. Secondly the new premises will have space for a little gallery for my own work.”
The new Crafty Hands Pottery Studio will showcase two of Ms Herlihy’s personal works; the robust blue-and-white themed tableware from the Clouds Collection, and an assortment of sculpted vessels made from the clay Ms Herlihy herself digs from East Cork. These works will be available for purchase when the studio reopens.
Through Crafty Hands, Ms Herlihy teaches all areas of ceramics from slip casting, hand-building, wheel throwing and various ceramic techniques. The studio caters both for those who only want to drop in and paint a pot and also for those who would like to join a more structured class and learn about clay in depth, with both groups benefitting from the newer and larger premises.
One of the first biggest events for the reopening of Crafty Hands Pottery Studio will be its celebration of Cork County Culture Night on Friday, 22 September. From 7.30pm the studio will hold its event, Claytopia, which will allow the audience to explore the world of ceramics, from ancient hand-building techniques, wheel throwing, sculpture and contemporary applications through demonstrations and practical work. The event will also include a pop-up exhibition of fine art by local artists as well as music and a wine reception, with all welcome to attend.
For more information on Crafty Hands Pottery Studio visit its website at, which will be updated for the Autumn/Winter season.