Crime Rates Across Cork County Have Almost Reached a Three Year High.

By Seamus Whelehan


Garda management in Cork County say crime rates here are on the increase. In a report made to Cork County Council’s joint policing committee on Monday 23 October, Garda commissioners from all 3 policing divisions said they have recorded "1,734 incidents of property crime between July and September, compared to 1,345 the same period last year".
Crimes against the person have increased from 489 to 622 with the incidents of burglaries increasing from 163 to 269 when compared to 2016 figures.
Unauthorised theft of vehicles have also increased with 56 incidents recorded in the third quarter of 2016 compared to 110 between July – September 2017, while cases of interfering with vehicles increased from 11 to 26 incidents.
Theft from a person saw a slight increase, while theft from shops rose from 459 incidents to 582.
Assaults causing harm have increased from 84 to 97 as did minor assaults from 272 to 374.
Drunkenness offences were recorded at 318 up from 289 in 2016.
Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin said the levels of criminality recorded in the third quarter last year were “unusually low” and is now coming back to a normal level of criminal activity.
He said since 1 October the force are working on a number of covert and overt operations aimed at combating the issue.
The senior Garda said criminal gangs were operating along the M8 (Dublin - Cork) and N20 (Limerick -Cork) roads.
Warning householders to be extra vigilant and secure their property appropriately.
Fatal road traffic accidents have also increased where 6 people have lost their lives on our roads in the past 3 months compared to 1 in the same period last year.
Solicitor, Fianna Fail Cllr Daithi O’Donnobhain said a lot of people aged between 18 and 25 are coming before the court on drink or drug driving offences.
Superintendent Con Cadogan said drink driving detections are up 13% across all divisions in the County while 18% of drivers tested positive for drugs.