Mack Dempsey, Mary Daly White, Liam Power and Con Kiely.

Cumann na Daoine Youghal, held its very successful 2017 AGM on Tuesday, 29 May. A large and enthusiastic crowd gathered in the main hall where the meeting commenced with Chairperson, Dolores Corcoran, welcoming everyone. She also thanked both staff and volunteers for their time and unquestioned commitment to all the projects that took place over the last year. Additionally, she extended gratitude to all the funders and sponsors of the organisation. Accountant, Ger Motherway, gave a detailed report of the audited accounts, thanking Accounts Administrator, Virginia Sandoval and Development Manager, Maria Power on their work in preparing the accounts.
At the end of official business, Hayley Fox-Roberts, the Local Community Development Worker, Annmarie Collins the Community Development Worker for East Cork Travellers, Valerie Barnardos and Michelle & Lynda from the Culinary Skills Local Training Initiative as well as representatives from some of the groups of Cumann na Daoine, met with the public. It was an informative, interesting discussion that allowed people to realise and learn the extent of the work being done by the different project and groups within the Cumann na Daoine building. Maria Power, Development Manager, also spoke on future work for Cumann na Daoine in relation to work with Travellers in East Cork and the Social Enterprise initiative which is Cumann na Daoine's new Community Cafe. Treasurer, Biddy Phelan, remarked how Cumann na Daoine has grown and evolved over the past 21 years and she is delighted to be still part of a wonderful organisation serving the town and surrounding areas. A productive and exciting future lies ahead for Cumann na Daoine for sure. The event concluded with tea, coffee and cake.

Cumann na Daoine, through liaising with Government Bodies and voluntary groups, provides education and training opportunities, employment supports and Department of Social Protection Information clinics, to help people get back into further education or to return to the workforce. These is also a wide range of supports through personal development initiatives, health courses and general socialisation through the many social/support groups attached to Cumann na Daoine. It has served the people of Youghal and surrounding areas for over two decades with a dedicated, enthusiastic staff and volunteers.