Darkness Into Light Walks in Both Midleton and Cobh Huge Successes for Pieta House

By Alan Sheehan


Midleton and Cobh saw thousands partake in their Darkness Into Light Walks for Pieta House in the early hours of this past Saturday, 6 May.
Both East Cork areas saw approximately over 2,000 people take part in each walk, which began at Market Green in Midleton and at the Heritage Centre in Cobh at 4.15pm.
“It was absolutely amazing,” said Martin Forrest, one of the organisers of the Midleton walk. “The high point of it for me was standing on top of the stage before the start of the walk and seeing the amount of people standing there, smiling and waving. It was bigger than last year, though we don’t have the final numbers in just yet. I reckon we had maybe over 2,000. It was like looking over a garden of daffodils with everyone dressed in yellow. We couldn’t see the end of the crowd. It was really spectacular.”
The Cobh event saw similar, if not greater numbers, in what was its first Darkness Into Light Walk.
“We had in excess of 2,000 people turn out for our first event,” said John Mansworth, Chairman of Breaking the Silence Cobh. “We received hugely positive feedback from everybody who participated. Next year we hope to have a bigger crowd but to get 2,000 people in our first year at 4.15am was a massive achievement. This was only made possible by the hardworking committee who got the event off the ground and up and running, so thanks to them.”

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