Decomposing Whale Yet To Be Removed From Ballybranigan Beach Leading to Health Concerns

By Seamus Whelehan

Taken May 17 2017

The carcass of a 20 foot whale continues to rot on the shore line of Ballybrannigan beach, a few months after it has been reported to the authorities.
The creature is located between Ballycronin and Ballybranigan beaches.
The rotting remains have triggered concern in the community, the carcass could be carrying viruses or bacteria that can make people sick.
Local residents say Cork County Council were notified of the cadaver almost two months ago.
The whale which is in an advanced state of decomposition was first discovered by Adrianne Hegarty on the 17 May.
The local estate agent said she contacted the local authority to have the creature removed.
The decomposition and the gases produced by the associated bacteria, have inflated segments of the carcass like a balloon, commented Mrs Hegarty.
The Ballybrannigan resident said the remains are stinking to high heaven with dogs and birds feeding off it.
The beach is used by a number of organisations and individuals, and is popular with dog walkers.
Mrs Hegarty said the giant carcass is freaking out parents and children, as visitors to the popular beach are met with unpleasant smells.
Sections of the East Cork strand had been closed off by Cork County Council after a dangerous situation developed last April.
However scores of people have been defying the council warnings and barriers to make the most of the good weather.
The Car park and access to the strand was closed by the local authority after it was deemed unsafe.
Coastal erosion has meant that the cliffs are at risk of collapse.
Signage warning of the dangers of unstable cliff faces and advising the public not to enter the area were also put in place.
The closure sparked an outcry from the public and also garnered tremendous support through social media.
Cork County Council were asked for a comment however no statement was forthcoming prior to going to print.