Discounted Cat Neutering Week 2019


Spring has arrived and the days are getting longer and warmer. Nature is awakening and there is no exception for cats who have already started to breed. Females can become pregnant as young as four months old and have up to three litters a year, sometimes with broods of up to 8 kittens?  Although kittens are cut, there are not enough homes for them, and many will die in the wild unseen from the public’s eye as rescues quickly become overloaded. The problem of cat overpopulation is partly caused by unneutered pet cats.

To help tackle this issue Community Cats Network, in partnership with Midleton Veterinary Hospital, have organised a discounted neutering week. From the 11th to the 15th of March you can avail of a special rate for the neutering of your cat, or a stray you are feeding which is €15 for a male and €25 for a female. The offer is limited to two cats per client/household.

Not only is neutering an effective way to control the feline population, but it also significantly improves the health of the cats and helps to reduce the spread of diseases and lethal viruses such as FIV and FeLV. It will also help to prevent unwelcome behaviour such as spraying and yowling.

All cats neutered through this scheme will be eartipped (the tip of the left ear nicked while under anaesthetic). This is a standard practice used with feral cats to identify, when caught, if they have already been neutered. It is impossible to tell with females without surgery. However, owners can decide to have their pet cat microchipped instead, but this cost will be at their own charge. We encourage early neutering, and kittens from 10 weeks old can avail of this scheme.

If you have a larger number of cats or cannot handle the cats, please contact Community Cats Network. This volunteer-run charity carries out a programme of Trap-Neuter-Return and has assisted communities to neuter stray and feral cats at a discounted rate since 2012. Operating in County Cork, West Waterford and South Tipperary, they have helped 1169 cats in 2018 alone!

Availability for the Discounted Neutering Week is limited and booking is necessary. Call Midleton Veterinary Hospital on 021 4623672 to reserve.

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